Zig Zag House
The zig-zag house is a new built in the historic centre of Dénia. One of the conditions to work with is that the whole area is classified as historic monument, which also means that the existing façade must be preserved.
As the plot is surrounded by 2 story high houses, it is important to get natural light throughout all spaces in the house; therefore, the house has 2 patios and a garden: the first patio must bring daylight into the entrance zone and kitchen on ground floor and bathroom on the first floor, while the second patio gives natural light to dining and living area.
The main goal is to see through the house till the garden in the back, and to experience the light in several sequences. The house itself wants to be minimalistic in design, colours, and materials. Moving through the house you follow a zig-zag movement from the entrance through kitchen and dining area, followed by living area and garden.
Because this house is so transparent and open, and it is in the centre of Dénia, it has become our office.