Veranda House
The veranda house has its inspiration in the Belgian tradition to build a glass annex to the existing house. This becomes then the most important place in the whole house: a space with lots of natural light, because of the big sliding doors and the glass roof.
In this project, the veranda is also the most important space of those house: it is the perfect inside-outside space; with it’s huge (6 m high and 7.2 m wide) folding doors, the wall towards the terrace can be opened 100% and thus becomes a covered (yes, it does rain a lot in Belgium…) outside space.
On the street side the house is very closed and opens up completely on the terrace side: on this (south) side there is a canal just adjacent to the terrace and across the canal, you only see fields and nature. On the inside a part of the house (the veranda) can be closed off from the rest by a huge guillotine window.