Labyrinth House
The labyrinth house project is all about clarifying the lay-out of the existing house, to make it more functional and more enjoyable.
The existing house is in fact made by a unification of two existing adjacent houses several decades ago.  At that time, they made the two houses into one, by creating a central living area and court.  Although the house has lots of character already, a part of it feels like a labyrinth with lots of corridors and dead ends.
Our goal with this project was to diminish the corridors and circulation space and to create more functional and enjoyable spaces.  This is done by converting the small outer court into a central playroom for the children, and by opening up the separation walls between kitchen and dining/living area.
Another wish from the client was to have extra bedrooms; therefore, we have created 6 extra bedrooms in the east wing of the house, which was not really used well before.
The result is a fabulous house with 12 bedrooms and bathrooms, suited for this big family.