Circle House
The circle house is a project for a renovation and extension of an existing freestanding house on 3 levels.
The idea is to make the project look as if it was designed as a whole and at the same moment, and not to make an extension that shows a big difference between what existed already and what is added later.
Therefore, we used the rounded or half circle volumes of the existing house and used similar bigger circles in the design of the extension.  The result shows a house that is one and not fragmented.
The entrance to the house is at the high street level, from where you can go down to the second floor or go up to the roof terrace. On the second floor you have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an office space which is seen as a mezzanine, in direct contact with the living and dining area on the first floor. On the first floor you have the open living area and open kitchen, and 2 more bedrooms and bathrooms.  From the living space you have direct access to open and covered terraces and to the swimming pool.  On a lower terrace you have another dining and sitting area with outdoor kitchen.
From the whole house you can enjoy the beautiful and open views towards the sea.