New project | Forest House


In progress | Rooftop House

The renovation of the Rooftop House has started. This is a huge renovation project of a large old townhouse.

In progress | Shutter House and Stone House

The construction of two new houses started in June 2023. The works for the Shutter House have started with the demolition of the existing building and the preparation of the site. This villa is built on a steep terrain with beautiful sea views.
The existing house on the grounds of the Stone House will also be largely demolished to make way for the villa that will make the most of the near sea views.

Shooting | Glass House

It is with pride that we unveil the making of “When the elegance of movement invites itself into your living room...”, a new publicity film by Technal France. They chose our Glass House for the shooting of the film.. We are delighted to have witnessed for four days the professionalism, enthusiasm and friendliness of the team who delivered this great performance despite the terrible weather.
For more videos of “The making of” and photos, click here.

Finished | Terrace House

The terrace house is an L-shaped house that embraces a huge terrace with several levels. The white volumes are put on a plinth in local natural stone. This way we become a very simple, elegant, and clear architecture. The construction of the Terrace House started in December 2021 in collaboration with Josep Llorca Construcciones and is now finished.

Art | Zig Zag House

When grilles on the windows become art...
In architecture, every detail is important to achieve a good result. That is the reason why we have chosen to make the sleek white facade more playful with these grilles for our office, the Zig Zag House in Denia. They are almost reminiscent of the veins of a leaf. With our special thanks to Toni Mari.

In progress | Frame House

The construction of the frame house has started in November 2022. The frame house is a project for a new villa on 3 levels. The villa will be built on a plot with a steep slope that has lovely views towards the sea. The idea is to put the villa on the highest possible part of the plot, as to enable the owners to profit from the beautiful views to a maximum.


New project | Elevated Pool House

The elevated house is a project for a renovation and extension of an existing villa on a beautiful site close to the sea with spectacular views towards the sea and the surrounding mountains and villages. The clients wanted to turn the existing house into a villa with all indoor and outdoor living spaces and the swimming pool on one level. All floors relate to an elevator and a spiral staircase, which will be present in the living area as a sculpture.